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Vendor Spotlight on Christina Amador Beauty

So as many of you know, I myself am a photographer, and in this amazing industry I’ve had the pleasure of both working and collaborating with some incredibly talented people. In a field where it’s easy to become isolated due to long hours in front of a computer screen editing images, or spending time driving from shoot to shoot, one can easily become detached from the other creative minds around them. One of the best things I’ve done in this industry is also one of the simplest, though as we get older some people find this task harder than it sounds.

What is this task, you might ask?


One of these friends that I’ve had the chance to work with now on multiple occasions is Christina Amador of Christina Amador Beauty. She is one of the most talented and caring makeup artists I know. Now you may be wondering to yourself, what does Charlie know about makeup artistry? The answer my friends is not much! But I do know when someone cares about their work and Christina exhibits this talent in spades. Her warm and bubbly personality exude an approachable confidence that immediately make you feel great to be in her presence. I’ve seen some of the most nervous of brides, bridesmaids, mothers of brides and more be immediately put at ease by her calm demeanor. All the while I am running around during bridal prep with the bride’s shoes, dress, jewelry and other various accessories to photograph. I had the pleasure of meeting Christina for the first time at one of my first weddings ever and she even made me feel more calm about what I was doing!

Not only is Christina a talented makeup artist and a devoted mom to one of the most adorable and sassy girls in the world (Miss Bella, more on her in a minute) but she is a savvy entrepeneur as well. Not one to settle for the status quo, look for future rumblings from Christina as she launches a new brand that is based solely on empowering women and making them feel not only beautiful but strong, MIND BODY AND SOUL. The secrets of this brand I cannot currently divulge but it will be absolutely amazing once off the ground.

One of the biggest reasons I recommend Christina to all of my brides is because of her concern for all of her clients. She treats them like family and to me that is something to look for in your not only your vendors but friends as well and I consider myself lucky to have Christina in my corner. She has become an industry peer, but even more an incredible friend. I’ve had the pleasure of watching and photographing for the last few years as her daughter Bella has gotten bigger and brighter than the stars themselves and most of that is due to some awesome parenting by Christina and of course Bella’s father Alexi as well.

All in all if you ever need an amazing makeup artist for your wedding day or just a day you might want to feel beautiful just as much on the outside as you are on the inside giver her a call, you can not go wrong. She is a fellow Best of Long Island Winner as well as other awards from Wedding Wire and The Knot as well.

You can see her website here at

Facebook at

and of course on instagram



Ryan and Ellen – The Eleventh Bench From the Parking Lot….

Ryan and Ellen Engaged in Northport

One of the greatest compliments as a photographer I can get is when someone I’ve worked with refers me to their family, friends, acquaintances etc. In this instance one of my amazing upcoming July brides referred me to her friend Ryan who was planning on asking his girlfriend Ellen to marry him. After speaking on the phone and of course multiple recon emails the plan was set and Ryan was going to propose on May 28th in the park in Northport right on the water on the eleventh bench from the parking lot. (As I said recon was done on this mission!)

Well folks, the day finally came and I’m quite literally writing this on the day it happened May 28th 2016 because I wanted to get it down on paper so to speak or in the blogosphere, whatever you kids are calling it these days. I remember the details like it was yesterday even though it was actually today. (Did that make sense?)

It was warm, so much so that people were out walking their dogs, working out, riding bikes, fishing, and boating. A picturesque view of what Northport life looks like. Everyone around seemed to be in good spirits, there were birds chirping, children playing, dogs barking and so much more going on. I think one of the hardest parts was keeping the actual bench where Ryan was going to propose clear of other park patrons. After politely explaining what was about to happen everyone smiled at me and immediately moved, most even took seats where they could see the proposal take place.

And then they arrived…. They took their place on the bench as I am sure they had many times before. I wish I could say Ellen was surprised as Ryan took out the ring but as Ryan said “She’s a detective” and figured out the plan. This of course did not sway Ryan who got down on one knee like a gentleman and proposed to his beautiful girlfriend.

She of course said yes.

In the end there was no fanfare, no trumpets blaring, or wild applause from an engaged audience. One of the biggest things I’ve learned in the past year is that love doesn’t need an audience or people to bear witness to make it real. It doesn’t need applause or even a title for it to exist. It simply does. In our hearts and minds it simply does. It’s a feeling we can’t shake, this undeniable urge to be with that certain someone. For Ryan it’s Ellen and he couldn’t have found a better match.












Danielle and Joel Tie The Knot At Crest Hollow Country Club

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the blog! It feels amazing to be posting again and even more so because of our next couple. Danielle and Joel, two of the sweetest people you will ever meet, coupled with an amazing family surrounded by friends and loved ones at the incredible Crest Hollow Country Club. From the moment I arrived on site for Bridal Prep till the moment I got into my car there was a smile on everyone’s faces. Whether family or friend you could tell everyone in attendance was there for the sole purpose of celebrating the love between Danielle and Joel. You sometimes hear about these couples who catch your attention because of how “lovey dovey” or “cutesy wootsy” they are with one another but that isn’t Danielle and Joel. They have a very real love that seems to radiate off of them when they are around one another. To watch their interactions, the way they genuinely gaze at one another is truly a site to behold for any romantic.

I remember bridal prep for three main reasons which I will now list for you.

One – I remember how incredibly calm Danielle was, like she didn’t have a care in the world and that she was comfortable in the knowledge that in just a little while she would be marrying her best friend.

Two – I got to work with one of my all time favorite makeup artists and all around amazing person Jessie Laserra of Makeup by Jessie. Not only is she incredibly talented but genuinely takes great care in what she does. To know one of my brides was in such incredible hands was amazing. You can see more of Jessie’s awesome work at

Three – I remember a moment where Danielle’s mother was helping her put on her necklace where they exchanged glances. Nothing needed to be said in that moment but you could tell the bond between mother and daughter, and now beautiful bride.

As for our ceremony and reception venue, you could not ask for better than the Crest Hollow Country Club. Herb our point man was absolutely incredible as he timed everything to perfection. Periodically checking in with vendors and making sure not only the bride and groom were taken care of but we were as well. Carol our head bridal attendant was on top of everything and even became a stand in lighting assistant later on in the evening. (Carol I’m sensing a career change soon shhhhh don’t tell Crest Hollow)

Our ceremony of course was presided over by someone who needs absolutely no introduction (but I will anyway). The absolutely incomparable Pastor April of the Church of Ancient Ways. Walking into any wedding and seeing Pastor April immediately makes the day better. She is as knowledgeable in her field as she is caring and her voice immediately is a reminder of the occasion you are there to celebrate.

You can check out her website here at

All in all I have to say I am extremely grateful to have been even a small part of Danielle and Joel’s incredible day. I truly love what I do but when I get to do it with people who genuinely love each other It makes my day that much better.

To Danielle, never lose that incredible sense of humor and warmth that makes you who you are. Your smile on your wedding day would make even the brightest lights jealous.

To Joel never lose that look in your eyes when you see Danielle from across the room. It’s filled with love and care for her and it shows anyone who looks at you exactly how you feel about your beautiful wife and the type of husband and father you truly are.

Congratulations to the happy couple!



Amanda + Mike | Long Island Wedding Photography

When I first began in the field of wedding photography I was told I needed a blog. That a website was simply a hand shake and that your blog was a conversation. I never truly understood what that meant until I actually actively began blogging. I wanted the conversation though to have meaning and to have a life of its own. Telling the stories of so many brides and grooms that I worked with as time passed. Like everything else in this world time indeed pass and I got to meet and work with some incredible people. Amanda and Mike were luckily two of those people who I get to call my friends.

Starting the day at Amanda’s mom’s house for bridal prep I got the treat of working with two of my favorite people in the world. Christina Amador of Christina Amador Beauty and Randi Ross of Randi Ross Hair Design. These two amazing women were with me on the first wedding I ever shot on my own and to this day have been not only amazing colleagues but even better friends and their work is nothing short of flawless. As Amanda got ready it became clearer the day we were going to have and how much fun it was going to be. Even her puppy got in on the action!

Onwards to the church and to see Mike our handsome groom! Watching a bride see her soon to be husband for the first time and vice versa can be an incredible experience. There is a look they both experience that transcends the simple expression of love. It’s something deeper and more meaningful. Its an expression, a description almost and you can watch their lives pan out before them in that singular moment.

The ceremony was beautiful surrounded by family and friends watching as these two gorgeous people tied the knot. Filled with little stolen glances and shared moments Amanda and Mike couldn’t have been a better picture of what a bride and groom should be. Happy and filled with love.

Moving on to the reception it was evident this was going to be a night to party and party they did. At one point Mike was even lifted high into the air. The music was rocking, the drinks were flowing and the food was delicious. I was just the photographer and I had a blast so I can only imagine how the guests and bridal party felt!

To Amanda, never lose the incredible kindness and warmth you seem to exude on a daily basis.

To Mike never lose that charm that keeps a smile ever present on Amanda’s face.

To both of you I wish you only the best and I can not wait to see what the future holds in store for the both of you.








Love At The Stacks | Long Island Wedding Photography

Love at the Stacks (SteelStacks That Is!)

As a New York based wedding photographer, it is easy to be spoiled by locations both extravagant and beautiful. Whether it be the mighty Central Park, or the Montauk Lighthouse, we have it all. Beautiful beaches, amazing suburbs, and of course the one and only, NYC. But every now and again we find ourselves wondering what the grass is like in other pastures. Angie and Darren gave me that chance, with their dream wedding planned in Pennsylvania.

To give you a little back story I met Angie and Darren through my love of playing pool. I am no where near Darren’s ability and speed, but I’ve managed to rack up a few league championships and tournament wins in my time. Darren is a champion in every sense of the word. He has won pretty much everything there is to win-the US Open, Mosconi Cup Wins, and the World 14.1 Championship (my personal favorite). For those of you who don’t follow the world of professional pool, imagine winning the world series, the super bowl, and the stanley cup. Yup it’s that big for us. It’s not just Darren’s ability at the table that makes him a champion, but his demeanor. His friendly attitude towards family, friends, and fans are what make him a real champion in my eyes. Being an amateur pool player and standing next to this giant can be pretty intimidating, but from the moment I met Darren I’ve only ever felt like a friend and an equal. Those qualities say something about who he is as a person; traits I am sure Angie loves about him as well.

As for our beautiful bride Angie I had the pleasure of meeting her at an event called the Super Billiards Expo in Pennsylvania. I was immediately struck by how funny she was in a very quiet way. Angie is one of those people who will sneak a joke in when you least expect it and make you laugh hysterically. Coupled with her sweetness and obvious beauty, Angie is one in a million.

Spending the day with these two in Pennsylvania was an awesome experience. We started at the Sands in Bethlehem, PA where Angie and her beautiful bridesmaids were getting ready, which gave us a view of the Steel Stacks across the way. David, my amazing second shooter started with Darren at the house he and Angie share and got a first hand glimpse of some world class pool players in their natural habitat at the table in Darren’s man cave.

It was then on to a beautiful church ceremony followed by portraits at a nearby college where even the dogs got in on the action. We then went to the grand reception at the ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks which is a venue I have never shot in. It was massive, industrial and fashion forward-if you know Angie is a perfect description. (The fashion forward part of course). The party, in one word, was A-MAZ-ING!

Of all the titles Darren has held and will inevitably hold in his career, of all of the accomplishments Angie has taken on; there is no greater title than man and wife, and no greater accomplishment than the sharing of their love with one another. Congratulations Darren & Angie, may you encounter everything you ever dreamed of together!