Caitlin and Grace at the Wantagh Train Museum

Recently I was picked to be a “Real Deal Reviewer” for Westcott Lighting which was a huge surprise to me to win a spot to take part in such a great project. I was told I would be reviewing the Westcott 50″ Recessed Front Apollo JS Softbox and let me tell you this thing is amazing. The spread of the light is incredible and adds a soft glow to my subjects that I love. So what to shoot, where to go, all of these questions and more started piling up in my head for this particular shoot and I thought to myself just keep it simple. Just let the soft box do its job showcasing my beautiful models. I had the privilege of shooting two lovely young ladies one of whom I will be shooting their sweet 16 in a few weeks. Caitlin and Grace rocked it in front of the camera and were sweet and funny through out the entire shoot.

Here is what I realized about this massive piece of equipment.

1. I think its an amazing light but I would only really be using it for portrait sessions and although I love the spread and feel of the light I don’t see myself bringing it to weddings when I know I will be on the go.

2. Due to its massive size I would definitely suggest having an assistant handy as a box this big definitely catches the wind.

3. It’s extremely versatile offering multiple ways to fire your flash into the soft box.

4. It’s definitely affordable. Westcott made a great piece here and I have been recommending it to my photographer friends who are looking for a light of this size. It falls into the 2-300 dollar category depending on where you purchase it (I recommend Adorama) and won’t put that much of a dent in your wallet while providing you with some beautiful light.

And without further delay on to the images of Caitlin and Grace. I know I said it before but these girls killed it in front of the camera. They had their poses down pat and only threw the facebook duck face once in every few shots lol.


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