Julie at the Bethpage Restoration

Today I was invited by my good friend and uber talented photographer Gail Singer of Mod Patrol Studios to help out on a shoot at the Bethpage Restoration. Our subject Julie a vivacious young girl with a spirited personality and fiery red hair was a joy to shoot at 5 years old going on 30. I have to say I have shot many kids before but Julie had a knack for bossing Gail and I around and she definitely knew what she wanted. She listened to every pose and every instruction we gave her and even added a few of her own. Lately Gail and I have been going on these photo excursions as a way to learn from each other and try out new techniques, lenses, lighting, etc. For me it has been a massive inspiration. I have never considered myself an artist. I simply wanted to take great photos for my clients but the thought of creation never really entered my mind. Our sessions have been about just that, creating something, creating images or an idea in our viewer’s mind. To let them inside our heads and see what we see. Today we had such a blast with our mini Merida (Disney’s Brave) and it was great to see into her head a little as well. As i said she definitely spoke her mind and told us what was going on. I look forward to seeing what’s coming next for this incredible young lady.

On to the images.

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