Two Of My Favorite People

I am a walking, talking, 5 foot 11, 30 year old jungle gym and I love it. Say hello to Kaylie and Aiden two of my absolute favorite people. A while back someone asked me why I am a photographer and the question stumped me for a few moments. Of course my stock responses were right there already in place to go and I rattled them off with near machine like precision but the question stayed with me and really got me thinking. Why do I pick up a camera each week and connect with my clients? Why do I spend hours editing my images to ensure they look their absolute best? All of this and more got me to thinking what my reasons were. We as photographers all travel and have traveled a different path in our lives that lead us to being what we are now and I thought long and hard about mine. It all boils down to one thing.

Family. Simple as that though not for the reasons you might think.

You may be saying to yourself that I do it for the families that I work with on a weekly basis capturing those special moments and in fact you would both be right and wrong. I do it for the family I have now and the family I look forward to having hopefully in the near future. I wonder who will my wife be, the person I come home to after a christening or a wedding and talk to about my day. My children, who will they turn out to be and will I have boys girls or both? If my kids turn out even a quarter as amazing as the rest of my family I know I will be ok but in the mean time I am left only to wonder. I fill that meantime now with my cousins Russell and Mark who have become brothers to me. My cousin Reagan who my mother calls my clone because we are so much alike and of course is like a big sister. Her husband Pat and of course these two munchkins Kaylie and Aiden who are 5 and 2 respectively. My hilarious Aunt Debbie along with a bullet shaped chiuaua named Roxy and of course the now Ferrari driving Rob (Congrats buddy hopefully some hot pics to come of that bad boy). Last but not least my incredible parents Alison and Martin who support me every single day as I travel this path. It hasn’t always been a smooth one in fact for the past few months its been bumpier than any I’ve ever taken but I know the door to my home is always unlocked, the lights always on, and the arms always open. I can not wait to see what the future brings for all of us and this incredible family we have.



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