Sabrina and Ben Get Married!

I love bridal prep. It’s one of my favorite parts of any wedding day. I walk into the house and hear the commotion of people getting ready, shoes being tossed around, hair dryers on and so on. Music can be heard and the house is full of family, full of life and full of love. This day was no different. From minute one to minute done of bridal prep for Sabrina things seemed to move at light speed as the makeup artist worked quickly, the bridesmaids all helped and of course the brides father aka The Latin American Most Interesting Man in the World (you will see more of him later)  looked on with love in his eyes for his daughter who in a few short hours would be married to the love of her life, Ben.

I think the biggest part of the day that I remember is how playful Sabrina and Ben were with each other. His incredible ability to make her smile. To make a goofy face and melt all the cares of the day away.

I remember the ceremony. A beautiful church and strong words from a passionate priest, yet softer voices prevailed as the bride’s sister took to the pulpit for her reading.

I remember the boat. Sailing into the reception and singing in my mind “I GOT MY FLIPPY FLOPPIES” and thinking to myself how i wished more brides and grooms utilized more maritime modes of transportation in their wedding celebrations.

Lastly I remember Sabrina. Through out a day of craziness starting with the bridal prep mentioned above, ripped dresses and all she managed somehow to exude an effortless beauty and calm. A vintage inspired glamour that wowed everyone the moment she was in sight.

To Sabrina and Ben thank you for the opportunity to share in your special day and when you read this I want you to remember these words.

“He once taught a German Shephard to bark in Russian”

“Sharks have a whole week dedicated to him on the Discovery Channel”

“He is the Latin American Most Interesting Man in the World”

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