Bettina + Esteban

Bettina and Esteban Tie The Knot in Fashion

I’ve wondered where to begin this blog post as it’s the first one in quite some time. Life for the last year, or in this case my blogging life, has gotten away from me. Between shooting for myself, my company, and of course, helping out other amazing studios, my blog has fallen woefully through the cracks. I am happy to report however that we are back on track! Let me introduce our new social media specialist, Miss Alaxandra Rutella, who will be holding down the blog front for Charles Eames Photography in the foreseeable future, making sure all of our wedding goodness gets out into the blogosphere. Is that even still a thing? Blogosphere? See, I have no idea what the kids are calling it these days! What I do know is that we are back and there are some amazing images coming your way.

That being said, Bettina and Esteban tied the knot in high fashion this past year and I could not have been happier to be a part of the festivities with my team. Armed with an amazing second photographer David Cerezo of David Cerezo Photography, we took to St. Killians in Farmingdale, then Argyle Park followed by beautiful Venetian Yacht Club to help them celebrate their big day in style. Vintage cars, white tuxedo jackets, pocket watches and more all helped tie the vintage style of their wedding and their love together. You may be wondering what is vintage love? Well my friends I will tell you. Vintage love is a love you hear about in stories. It’s a love you read about in old romance novels where men are gentleman and always offer their jacket, where ladies are elegant, beautiful, strong willed, and independent.

Bettina’s sweetness coupled with her outward beauty are only matched by Esteban’s quiet but confident demeanor. In a day filled with stolen smiles and knowing glances they seemed to move around each other with a comfort that only people married for decades seem to possess. It was a knowing of one another’s mannerisms, reactions, and all the things that make them who they are not only as individuals, but as a couple as well.

I can only imagine what the future holds for these two amazing people and Charles Eames Photography wishes them the best as they walk this path together.

Now for the best part…images!!








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