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Love at the Stacks (SteelStacks That Is!)

As a New York based wedding photographer, it is easy to be spoiled by locations both extravagant and beautiful. Whether it be the mighty Central Park, or the Montauk Lighthouse, we have it all. Beautiful beaches, amazing suburbs, and of course the one and only, NYC. But every now and again we find ourselves wondering what the grass is like in other pastures. Angie and Darren gave me that chance, with their dream wedding planned in Pennsylvania.

To give you a little back story I met Angie and Darren through my love of playing pool. I am no where near Darren’s ability and speed, but I’ve managed to rack up a few league championships and tournament wins in my time. Darren is a champion in every sense of the word. He has won pretty much everything there is to win-the US Open, Mosconi Cup Wins, and the World 14.1 Championship (my personal favorite). For those of you who don’t follow the world of professional pool, imagine winning the world series, the super bowl, and the stanley cup. Yup it’s that big for us. It’s not just Darren’s ability at the table that makes him a champion, but his demeanor. His friendly attitude towards family, friends, and fans are what make him a real champion in my eyes. Being an amateur pool player and standing next to this giant can be pretty intimidating, but from the moment I met Darren I’ve only ever felt like a friend and an equal. Those qualities say something about who he is as a person; traits I am sure Angie loves about him as well.

As for our beautiful bride Angie I had the pleasure of meeting her at an event called the Super Billiards Expo in Pennsylvania. I was immediately struck by how funny she was in a very quiet way. Angie is one of those people who will sneak a joke in when you least expect it and make you laugh hysterically. Coupled with her sweetness and obvious beauty, Angie is one in a million.

Spending the day with these two in Pennsylvania was an awesome experience. We started at the Sands in Bethlehem, PA where Angie and her beautiful bridesmaids were getting ready, which gave us a view of the Steel Stacks across the way. David, my amazing second shooter started with Darren at the house he and Angie share and got a first hand glimpse of some world class pool players in their natural habitat at the table in Darren’s man cave.

It was then on to a beautiful church ceremony followed by portraits at a nearby college where even the dogs got in on the action. We then went to the grand reception at the ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks which is a venue I have never shot in. It was massive, industrial and fashion forward-if you know Angie is a perfect description. (The fashion forward part of course). The party, in one word, was A-MAZ-ING!

Of all the titles Darren has held and will inevitably hold in his career, of all of the accomplishments Angie has taken on; there is no greater title than man and wife, and no greater accomplishment than the sharing of their love with one another. Congratulations Darren & Angie, may you encounter everything you ever dreamed of together!



















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