Danielle and Joel Tie The Knot At Crest Hollow Country Club

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the blog! It feels amazing to be posting again and even more so because of our next couple. Danielle and Joel, two of the sweetest people you will ever meet, coupled with an amazing family surrounded by friends and loved ones at the incredible Crest Hollow Country Club. From the moment I arrived on site for Bridal Prep till the moment I got into my car there was a smile on everyone’s faces. Whether family or friend you could tell everyone in attendance was there for the sole purpose of celebrating the love between Danielle and Joel. You sometimes hear about these couples who catch your attention because of how “lovey dovey” or “cutesy wootsy” they are with one another but that isn’t Danielle and Joel. They have a very real love that seems to radiate off of them when they are around one another. To watch their interactions, the way they genuinely gaze at one another is truly a site to behold for any romantic.

I remember bridal prep for three main reasons which I will now list for you.

One – I remember how incredibly calm Danielle was, like she didn’t have a care in the world and that she was comfortable in the knowledge that in just a little while she would be marrying her best friend.

Two – I got to work with one of my all time favorite makeup artists and all around amazing person Jessie Laserra of Makeup by Jessie. Not only is she incredibly talented but genuinely takes great care in what she does. To know one of my brides was in such incredible hands was amazing. You can see more of Jessie’s awesome work at


Three – I remember a moment where Danielle’s mother was helping her put on her necklace where they exchanged glances. Nothing needed to be said in that moment but you could tell the bond between mother and daughter, and now beautiful bride.

As for our ceremony and reception venue, you could not ask for better than the Crest Hollow Country Club. Herb our point man was absolutely incredible as he timed everything to perfection. Periodically checking in with vendors and making sure not only the bride and groom were taken care of but we were as well. Carol our head bridal attendant was on top of everything and even became a stand in lighting assistant later on in the evening. (Carol I’m sensing a career change soon shhhhh don’t tell Crest Hollow)

Our ceremony of course was presided over by someone who needs absolutely no introduction (but I will anyway). The absolutely incomparable Pastor April of the Church of Ancient Ways. Walking into any wedding and seeing Pastor April immediately makes the day better. She is as knowledgeable in her field as she is caring and her voice immediately is a reminder of the occasion you are there to celebrate.

You can check out her website here at

Long Island Wedding Officiant, Minister, JOP & Marriage Services

All in all I have to say I am extremely grateful to have been even a small part of Danielle and Joel’s incredible day. I truly love what I do but when I get to do it with people who genuinely love each other It makes my day that much better.

To Danielle, never lose that incredible sense of humor and warmth that makes you who you are. Your smile on your wedding day would make even the brightest lights jealous.

To Joel never lose that look in your eyes when you see Danielle from across the room. It’s filled with love and care for her and it shows anyone who looks at you exactly how you feel about your beautiful wife and the type of husband and father you truly are.

Congratulations to the happy couple!



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