Ryan and Ellen – The Eleventh Bench From the Parking Lot….

Ryan and Ellen Engaged in Northport

One of the greatest compliments as a photographer I can get is when someone I’ve worked with refers me to their family, friends, acquaintances etc. In this instance one of my amazing upcoming July brides referred me to her friend Ryan who was planning on asking his girlfriend Ellen to marry him. After speaking on the phone and of course multiple recon emails the plan was set and Ryan was going to propose on May 28th in the park in Northport right on the water on the eleventh bench from the parking lot. (As I said recon was done on this mission!)

Well folks, the day finally came and I’m quite literally writing this on the day it happened May 28th 2016 because I wanted to get it down on paper so to speak or in the blogosphere, whatever you kids are calling it these days. I remember the details like it was yesterday even though it was actually today. (Did that make sense?)

It was warm, so much so that people were out walking their dogs, working out, riding bikes, fishing, and boating. A picturesque view of what Northport life looks like. Everyone around seemed to be in good spirits, there were birds chirping, children playing, dogs barking and so much more going on. I think one of the hardest parts was keeping the actual bench where Ryan was going to propose clear of other park patrons. After politely explaining what was about to happen everyone smiled at me and immediately moved, most even took seats where they could see the proposal take place.

And then they arrived…. They took their place on the bench as I am sure they had many times before. I wish I could say Ellen was surprised as Ryan took out the ring but as Ryan said “She’s a detective” and figured out the plan. This of course did not sway Ryan who got down on one knee like a gentleman and proposed to his beautiful girlfriend.

She of course said yes.

In the end there was no fanfare, no trumpets blaring, or wild applause from an engaged audience. One of the biggest things I’ve learned in the past year is that love doesn’t need an audience or people to bear witness to make it real. It doesn’t need applause or even a title for it to exist. It simply does. In our hearts and minds it simply does. It’s a feeling we can’t shake, this undeniable urge to be with that certain someone. For Ryan it’s Ellen and he couldn’t have found a better match.












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