The Diapery: A guest blog post from our friend Stacy Vitelli

As many of you know at Charles Eames Photography we love supporting local businesses. Whether it be hair stylists and makeup artists, to florists, and print companies, we like to keep things within the Long Island family. Our good friend Stacy Vitelli is doing something awesome over the The Diapery and we asked her to write a guest blog for us because we thought what she was working on seemed really awesome!

Please take a moment to read about the great services that Stacy is offering!

My name is Stacy Vitelli, founder of The Diapery, a party accessory company specializing in unique custom items for every occasion from Baby Showers to Surprise Parties. The company began at the end of November 2016, and has events already booked for 2017!

I have always been crafty and I love to create – I get such joy from completing these beautiful projects, and seeing the happiness they bring their recipients. As much as I wanted to make a career out of crafting, the ‘Real World’ always suggested something more pragmatic. So I went to Hofstra University, initially majoring in Psychology with a focus on Adolescent Delinquency (I wanted to help steer teens away from trouble and toward productive pursuits like art), and finally received my degree in Accounting. They are wonderful fields, but sitting in front of a computer all day was not fulfilling for my creative, people-person brain. I continued to craft and create on the side, considering it ‘just a hobby’.

In my spare time I craft; lately there’s been many diaper cakes for family and friends with their growing families!  Everyone loves babies, and what do babies need most? Diapers. Why not create a stunning piece of art with the very product new parents need most? But I’ve made much more than that. In the past few years I have also produced centerpieces, card boxes, table cards, and little accents to make the parties distinctive. Each one is customized for the theme and desires of the hosts; everything is original and individualized, everything is one-of-a-kind yours.

Those around me have been exceptionally supportive of “my outlet”. They have expressed that my work is quite good and really pushed me to turn my passion into a career. I have to give special credit to my husband who is very handy in building things. He helps my ideas come to life when I need something custom built, and he is my strongest support. My parents were always my #1 fans along with family and friends that have also been incredible, hiring me even before The Diapery was founded and cheering me on to utilize my talents. With all of their encouragement, I decided it was time for me to chase my dream. The Diapery has been my dream for a while and I am so thrilled to finally make it come true!

I decided on the name The Diapery to focus on Diaper Cakes.  But I can create all sorts of projects, from invitations to centerpieces, card boxes to favors. Plus there are endless opportunities to create custom party items that people would like me to bring to life.  Hence The Diapery: Just like a bakery makes sweet creations from cakes to cookies, bread and pastries too… Anything is possible with great ideas and the best ingredients!

If you would like to get more info about Stacy’s services, please  Email Stacy for more info or visit her Facebook page!







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