Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Photographer

The Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Photographer



The top 10 questions to ask your photographer was created to help all couples plan their weddings. Booking vendors is not an easy task, especially if you have never planned an event as large as a wedding. Being that photography is one of the most important pieces of your wedding – It is crucial to make sure the photographer you are hiring can answer at least these 10 questions! So whether you are planning on booking Charles Eames for you wedding day or another photographer, please print out this list and bring it with you when you are conducting meetings 🙂


  1. Do we get all the photos or raw photos?

A: The answer to this is that you receive all of the edited finished product via flash drive and online gallery. Any images we deem to be unusable will be deleted. Things like people looking in wrong directions, head movements, blurry images, unwelcome photobombers etc.

  1. How long until we get our photos and video back?

A : We are lucky to have full time editors on staff here at Charles Eames Photography that we keep chained to their desks to make sure you get your images or video back in a timely manner. For photos our time frame is 30 days and for video our time frame is 60 Days.

  1. How many pinterest images can we copy?

A : While Pinterest and other sources are amazing for inspiration on your big day we ask that you please keep these requests to a minimum as your day is unique in its own way. We will gladly try and emulate a handful of images at most but prefer that you leave the creativity to us!

  1. Do you contact our other vendors?

A : In most cases yes we will contact your other vendors and venue to introduce ourselves and get contact information to make the day run more smoothly. We like to play well with others and feel that open lines of communication are great on a wedding day or any event. We also love sharing images with your other vendors.

  1. How do we choose a location for our engagement shoot?

A : We always suggest choosing a location that means something to you as a couple. Whether you’re beach people or more urban we like to include your personal style and preferences during your engagement shoot. If you have a location in mind already let us know and we can help you plan!

6. How long does an engagement shoot last?

A : We normally aren’t clock watchers especially if we are getting some amazing photos. Normally an engagement session lasts anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours.

     7. Do we get a Trailer to post online for family and friends to see?
A : Yes with any video package you book you receive a 3-5 minute cinematic trailer for your friends and family to view on social media.

8. We have a High Definition TV at our house is your video high definition?
A : The answer is yes, in many cases we are shooting in either 4K or 1080P Resolution which is perfect for your high definition televisions, computer monitors, tablets, phones, etc.

9. What is the benefit of having a second photographer?

A: A second photographer will normally cover groom preparation as well as capture alternative angles during your ceremony, portrait sessions, and of course reception. A second photographer is always something we recommend.

10. One more question before we book you, do you carry insurance and is there a place we can see some reviews? 

A : Yes we carry two million dollar liability insurance which has now become a necessity in our industry and yes we would love you to take a look at our wedding wire reviews if you simply search for Charles Eames Photography we are proud to say we are currently 5 star rated and due to this have won a Couples Choice Award for 2017.


This blog post is a Great tool to assist you when you are shopping for your wedding photography and videography services. Please feel free to print it out, copy and paste, and share it with your friends and family who may be planning a wedding or any type of event for that matter!

And just because every post is better with a photo 🙂

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If you have any other questions that you would like to ask us about your wedding day please feel free to Email us or call us at: 516-581-3209


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