What to wear to your engagement session?

What to wear to your engagement session?

We get this question a lot! Many of our couples usually know the exact location they want to have their engagement photos taken but wonder what they should wear – Below is a list of our recommendations. If you have any ideas or would like to add something please leave a comment below 🙂 Now please remember this post isn’t LAW it’s just a list of what we found works well with our clients and our style of photography.

So What to wear to your engagement session?? See below 🙂

  1. Be comfortable. First and foremost, dress comfortably. When we take engagement photos we tend to do a good amount of walking in our location and there is nothing worse than wearing jeans that are too tight, heels that hurt your feet or clothes that just make you not feel like yourself! If you are relaxed in the clothing you are wearing you will look relaxed in your photos.
  2. Don’t wear matching clothes. Try not wear matching clothing making you look like twins, try to coordinate with one another! For example try not to wear the same white shirt with blue jeans and sneakers. No need have matching uniforms like we did in the 90’s!!  Do try to coordinate though so the colors you are wearing Match well. Ladies if you wear a cocktail dress to your engagement session, Lets try to keep the guys from wearing the latest air Jordans and jeans 🙂 NOW this rule goes out the window if you are both Jets fans and want to wear matching jersey’s or anything similar!
  3. Dress for the location. If your location is the woods, ladies don’t wear a cocktail dress, guys don’t wear a suit, dress more casual. Jeans and plaid always look nice with a rustic setting, if your session is in an urban type of setting – more dressy clothes would probably me more appropriate. If your location is a beach – Just about anything goes jeans, shorts, flip-flops, even dresses and khakis work well!! We would usually be rolling up our sleeves and pants anyway!
  4. Where something flattering. If you have a shirt that people have told you several times that brings out your eyes, or a dress that you look great in, or even a pair of jeans that make you feel like a million bucks – GO FOR IT. You will be so happy you did!
  5. Outfit Changes. Can’t make up your mind? Bring it all 🙂 Some clients choose to change outfits once or twice to bring variety to their photos and its a great Idea.
  6. Hair and Makeup.  Ladies, getting make up done for photos is a great idea. This a perfect time to try out a hair and make-up artist that you may be planning on using for your wedding! We have some excellent recommendations if you should need some.
  7. BE YOURSELF. All the above  tips are great, but it can be bad to follow any of this if it just doesn’t fit you and your fiance’s personalities. Trying to be something you are not will likely make you uncomfortable (see #1) and will show in photos, so by all means do what feels right to you and what will make you both shine in the best light for your engagement session.

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engagement session at gerry park


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